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  • Ms. Helene Liu Dean

    • 20 years of experience in the medical aesthetic industry
    • 1991: Joined the group, as a manager in the beauty division, then became executive director.
    • Graduated from University of Paris (Bachelor degree in Human Geography) and from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Master degree in Economics and Finance).
    • A steering committee member of the Amcham “Women of Influence” committee and a co-chief judge of the annual Women of Influence Conference & Awards.
    • Black belt in Kung Fu and certified teacher of Ashtanga Yoga.

Welcome to the French Institutes Beauty Academy website! This is an open window into the programmes and the people of our academy.


Since 1999, our mission has been to sustainably provide top quality professional aesthetic education to a wide range of practitioners from novice to advanced, to prepare our students to sit examinations from international boards, as well as to advance the professional career of our graduates and support them to become knowledgeable and confident aesthetician.


Our core programmes are the internationally recognised Diploma courses (view the full list on our 'International Course"" page) which prepare our students to sit the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC), the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and City & Guilds examinations.


Besides, in line with the Government’s promotion of continuing education and lifelong learning, our Academy provides Qualifications Framework courses which are endorsed by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. To provide vocational training courses of high quality, application for the Continuing Education Fund is available. Our high quality courses have gained full acceptance in the industry.


Our Academy cooperates with the labour department, offering Youth Pre-Plan vocational training courses. (For details, please refer to ""Government-funded Programs""), to help young people understand the beauty industry, learn more about themselves and their career aspirations. Our highly practical courses help them enhance their marketable skills and experience.


We also provide basic knowledge and consultation for novices who have potential or interest in entering the field. We offer not only internationally recognised ITEC and CIBTAC diplomas, but also special courses with various focuses to help practitioners upgrade their existing competence to cater for the growing demand for a wider range of aesthetic skills.


We also know that practice makes perfect. This is why we also offer you valuable working opportunities as an aesthetician, under the guidance of our highly experienced staff, in the well-established retail network of our mother company, Ingrid Millet Ltd.   You will find our top graduates, now equipped with international qualification, working at INGRID MILLET Paris and BIOSCREEN Paris. Such working experience let you have a real taste of being an aesthetician. You will also be equipped with valuable related skills that will make a real difference in your expertise, such as operating state-of-the-art equipment, client servicing and shop management.